Output Shaft

FIGURE 6 Hydrodynamic coupling (American Davidson)

Operation When the driver is started, oil flow is initiated by planet gears rotating against the sun gear. With the control yoke in the low-speed position, the mixing valve is positioned to admit air mixed with oil, the pump discharge valve ports are wide open, and the pump-developed head is approaching zero. The force on the pump gear teeth approaches zero, and the output speed is minimum. As the control yoke is moved, the pump discharge valves begin to close, less air is admitted, and the discharge pressure rises. This develops resistance to pump rotation and imparts a force on the sun gear, and the output shaft begins to rotate. If the oil discharge ports are closed, theoretically the pump pressure will rise until the pump gear is locked to the sun gear. This would rotate the output shaft at exactly input speed. In practice, leakage permits the pump to rotate and the output shaft turns at a slightly lower speed than the input shaft. Reversibility can be achieved simply by reversing the driving motor.

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