Other Observations

Testing Noncentrifugal Pumps The next largest class of pumps after centrifugal are displacement pumps. This classification includes reciprocating, rotary, screw, and other miscellaneous displacement pumps. Testing of these closely parallels the centrifugal procedures. Normally the capacities are smaller and the heads higher, but the objectives, methods, and measurements are all about the same. The Hydraulic Institute ANSI/HI 2000 Edition Pump Standards (References 11 and 12) thoroughly cover testing of rotary and reciprocating pumps.

The testing of pumps not falling into the two broad classifications of centrifugal and displacement is usually very special, and each case must be treated separately. The test procedures are normally spelled out in the specifications; otherwise an agreement between all parties must be made before testing is started. The testing of eduction or jet pumps falls under this special category of testing.

Other Test Phenomena When testing pumps, other phenomena of interest should also be checked and noted on the test record. The two phenomena normally reported on are vibration and noise. The acceptable limits of these plus instrumentation for measuring them are special and normally covered in the contract. If the pumps are to be installed in a special environment, this should also be taken into consideration during testing.

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