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Baumeister • Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers Bovay • Handbook of Mechanical and Electrical Systems for Buildings Brady and Clauser • Materials Handbook Brater and King • Handbook of Hydraulics

Chopey and Hicks • Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations Croft, Carr,and Watt • American Electricians' Handbook Dudley • Gear Handbook

Fink and Beaty • Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers

Harris • Shock and Vibration Handbook

Hicks • Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations

Hicks and Mueller • Standard Handbook of Professional Consulting Engineering

Juran • Quality Control Handbook

Kurtz • Handbook of Engineering Economics

Maynard • Industrial Engineering Handbook

Optical Society of America • Handbook of Optics

Pachner • Handbook of Numerical Analysis Applications

Parmley • Mechanical Components Handbook

Parmley • Standard Handbook of Fastening and Joining

Peckner and Bernstein • Handbook of Stainless Steels

Perry and Green • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook

Raznjevic • Handbook of Thermodynamic Tables and Charts

Rohsenow, Hartnett, and Ganic • Handbook of Heat Transfer Applications

Rohsenow,Hartnett,and Ganic • Handbook of Heat Transfer Fundamentals

Rothbart • Mechanical Design and Systems Handbook

Schwartz • Metals Joining Manual

Seidman and Mahrous • Handbook of Electric Power Calculations Shand and McLellan • Glass Engineering Handbook Smeaton • Motor Application and Control Handbook Smeaton • Switchgear and Control Handbook

Transamerica DeLaval, Inc. • Transamerica DeLaval Engineering Handbook Tuma • Engineering Mathematics Handbook Tuma • Technology Mathematics Handbook Tuma • Handbook of Physical Calculations


Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Encyclopedia of Electronics and Computers Encyclopedia of Engineering


Dictionary of Mechanical and Design Engineering Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms

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