Other Jet Pump Applications

Virtually any fluid can be pumped by the liquid-jet pump. Suspensions of solids in a liquid can be handled with the LJL analysis given by incorporating the "S" density-ratio term. In extreme cases, slurry pumping may also be affected by slip velocity and solids concentration (see References 1 and 15).

Steam jet pumps are found in the earliest literature (see Reference 1). Analyses have usually combined one-dimensional treatment with shock-wave compressibility phenomena. Theory has not contributed to the longitudinal dimensions problem, as is the case with liquid jet pumps. Advances in applying two- and three-dimensional flow theory have contributed to understanding low Mach-number mixing length requirements. Air/air jet pump theory and performance have been compared (see Reference 16). Analysis of highvelocity compressible-flow gas-jet pumps has been less successful.

Design of a two-pump combination system (illustrated by Examples 2 and 3) required system operation at an intersection of the mechanical- and jet-pump characteristic curves, selected so both pumps operate at or near their maximum efficiency points (see References 17,18 and 19). And the system design must of course include consideration of the pressure losses that will occur in the piping connecting the two pumps.

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