Other Hydraulic Problems

20. Speed of pump too high

21. Speed of pump too low

22. Wrong direction of rotation

23. Reverse mounting of double-suction impeller

24. Uncalibrated instruments

25. Impeller diameter smaller than specified

26. Impeller diameter larger than specified

27. Impeller selection with abnormally high head coefficient

28. Running the pump against a closed discharge valve without opening a by-pass

29. Operating pump below recommended minimum flow

30. Static head higher than shut-off head

Other Hydraulic Problems (continued)

31. Friction losses in discharge higher than calculated

32. Total head of system higher than design of pump

33. Total head of system lower than design of pump

34. Running pump at too high a flow (for low specific speed pumps)

35. Running pump at too low a flow (for high specific speed pumps)

36. Leak of stuck check valve

37. Too close a gap between impeller vanes and volute tongue or diffuser vanes

38. Parallel operation of pumps unsuitable for the purpose

39. Specific gravity of liquid differs from design conditions

40. Viscosity of liquid differs from design conditions

41. Excessive wear at internal running clearances

42. Obstruction in balancing device leak-off line

43. Transients at suction source (imbalance between pressure at surface of liquid and vapor pressure at suction flange)

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