Other Belt Drives

Other drives of the mechanical adjustable-speed type, such as the single adjustable-motor-sheave or pulley and the wood block or metal-chain-belt type transmission, are only mentioned briefly here because of their rather limited application as pump drives.

The motor sheave, or pulley, illustrated in Figure 5, is a simple, single, adjustable-pitch device mounted on a motor shaft. It drives by way of a standard or wide-section V belt to a companion fixed-diameter, flat-face pulley, or V sheave. Driving and driven shafts are parallel but must be arranged so their center distance is adjustable; this is generally accomplished by means of a sliding motor base. The entire base assembly is usually operated as an open belt drive.

The wood-block or metal-chain belt transmission uses the original mechanical adjustable-speed belt drive operating principle. This drive utilizes a special wide-section wood-block belt or laminated-metal-chain belt driven by two pairs of positively controlled variable-pitch sheaves. Movement of the sheave flanges is synchronized by a positive linkage arrangement.

The transmission-type drive is generally thought of as a low-speed, high-torque device that can withstand severe overload and abuse for long periods of time.

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