Operating Conditions That Affect Bearing Stability

Cavitation Figure 1 shows a pressure distribution in a journal bearing. Positive pressure is generated in the converging wedge because the journal is pumping fluid through a restriction. On the downstream side of the minimum film thickness, the journal is pumping fluid out of a diverging region. In this region, the pressure decreases. Either the pressure becomes negative, which is defined as pressure below the ambient pressure,

TABLE 4 Stability Comparison Chart

Bearing type M m, lb • s2/in (kg • s2/mm) w', lb (kg)a

Two-groove cylindrical 0.02 0.038 (6.79 X 10-4) 14.7 (6.7)

Symmetric three-lobe 0.85 0.668 (11.9 X 10-3) 257.9 (117.1)

Canted three-lobe 0.68 1.299 (23.2 > 10-3) 501.4 (227.6)

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