Minimum Inlet Pressure

As long as the main fuel pump is being assisted by the airframe boost pumps, it must meet a minimum inlet pressure requirement. This inlet pressure is 5 lb/in2 (0.345 bar) above the true vapor pressure (TVP) of the fuel. At this condition, the main fuel pump is required to supply the required engine fuel flow for all operating conditions. The design procedure and details for meeting this requirement were previously discussed.

The test set-up is arranged to ensure that vapor-free fuel is provided to the inlet of the fuel pump at 5 lb/in2 (.345 bar) above TVP for all operating conditions. Heat exchangers are introduced into the system as required to establish the required boost and gear stage inlet temperatures. The full range of hot operating conditions, including the critical altitude idle conditions, are run to ensure vapor lock conditions do not occur. The maximum fuel RVP expected in service is used.

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