Miller Ronald S BSc ME BSc Metallurgical Engrg

Section 5.1 Metallic Materials of Pump Construction Manager, Advanced Materials Engineering, Ingersoll-Rand Company

Moll, Steven A., B.S. (E.E.) Section 6.2.1 Eddy-Current Couplings Senior Marketing Representative, Electric Machinery, Minneapolis, MN

xiv list of contributors

Moyes, Thomas L., B.S. (M.E.) Subsection 9.18 Cryogenic Liquefied Gas Service Chief Engineer - R&D, Flowserve Corporation, Tulsa, OK

Netzel, James P., B.S. (M.E.) Subsection 2.2.2 Centrifugal Pump Packing;

Subsection 2.2.3 Centrifugal Pumps: Mechanical Seals Chief Engineer, John Crane, Inc., Morton Grove, IL

Nolte, P. A., B.S. (M.E.) Section 9.20 Portable Transfer of Hazardous Liquids Director of Agricultural Business, Flowserve Corporation, Memphis, TN

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