Materials Of Construction

Most water pumps perform quite satisfactorily with bronze impellers, wearing rings, and shaft sleeves, but the dirty or corrosive waters in mine service require superior materials. Because mine waters range from neutral (pH of approximately 7) to severely acidic (as low as pH 1.5 in some coal mines) and to very basic (as occurs in limestone mines and so on), there is no universally best material. The choice obviously is the lowest-priced material that gives satisfactory service life.

Many times, the decision must be made not on the basis of the best available materials, but on the basis of which material will best withstand the abrasive conditions during the intended life of the project. If there is a five-year anticipated life of the mine, there is little advantage in selecting materials that will last twice as long. Conversely, a mine with

FIGURE 12 Single stage submersible pump (Hazleton Pumps, Inc.)

a projected life of 25 years would require the best commercially available materials. There are also the exotic alloys, but their use is seldom justified.

Assuming that there will always be a slight amount of solids present, the metallurgy given in Table 2 should be considered.

Care should be exercised when selecting alloys because many stainless steels do not have as great a strength as carbon steel. The same applies to bolting. Thus, a pump rated for high-pressure service with a carbon steel or alloy steel casing and bolting may not be suitable when made of bronze or stainless steel.

Although ceramic-coated shaft sleeves are excellent in many applications, remember that ceramic coatings are porous and that the base metal must be able to withstand the environment. Also, some ceramics will not be suitable in strongly basic water. Others, however, are suitable, and so a general specification for ceramic coating should never be made. A plasma-applied ceramic is generally denser and more serviceable than one applied by a simple flame spray.

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