Cwachel Fred R Szenasi

The most common operational and reliability problems in reciprocating positive displacement pump systems are characterized by

• Low net positive suction head (NPSH), pulsations, pressure surge, cavitation, waterhammer

• Vibrations of pump or piping

• Mechanical failures, wear, erosion, alignment

• High horsepower requirements, high motor current, torsional oscillations

• Temperature extremes, thermal cycling

• Harsh liquids: corrosive, caustic, colloidal suspensions, precipitates (slurries)

Although any component in a pump system may be defective, most operational problems are caused by liquid transient interaction of the piping system and pump system or by purely mechanical interaction of the pump, drive system, foundation, and so on. This section discusses hydraulic and mechanical problems and suggests measurement and diagnostic procedures for determining the sources of these problems.

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