Installing Continuous Coil Packing

To install continuous coil packing, perform the following steps:

1. Loosen and remove the gland from the stuffing box.

2. Using a packing puller, begin to remove the old packing rings.

3. Remove the split lantern ring (if present) and then continue removing the packing with the puller.

4. After the packing has been removed, check the sleeve for scoring and nicks. If the shaft sleeve or shaft cannot be cleaned up, it must be replaced. Check the size of the stuffing box bore and the shaft sleeve or shaft diameter to determine which size packing should be used.

5. After the size of the packing has been determined, wrap the packing tightly around a mandrel, which should be the same size as the pump shaft or sleeve. The number of coils should be sufficient to fill the stuffing box. Cut the packing along one side to form the individual rings.

6. Before beginning the assembly of any packing material, be sure to read all the instructions from the manufacturer. Assemble the split packing rings on the pump. Each ring should be sealed individually with the split ends staggered 90° and the gland tightened to seal and fully compress the ring. Be sure the lantern ring is reinstalled correctly at the flush connection. Then back off the gland and retighten it, but only finger-tight. The exception to this procedure is that TFE packing should be installed one ring at a time, but not seated because TFE packings have high thermal expansion.

7. Allow excess leakage during break-in to avoid the possibility of rapid expansion of the packing, which could score the shaft sleeve or shaft so that leakage could not be controlled.

8. Leakage should be generous upon startup. If the packing begins to overheat at startup, stop the pump and loosen the packing until leakage is obtained. Restart only if the packing is leaking.

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