Installation And Tuning

Mechanical Installation Magnetic bearings have the advantage that they can be set, by adjusting offsets in the controller, to center the rotor on the magnetic bearing stator, the catcher bearing, the seals, or any other mechanical reference in the pump. The rotor can even be offset vertically to cancel the effect of gravity, thus reducing static power requirements to near zero. Careful consideration is needed during design to decide which is the best approach.

The position sensors in the bearings can also be used to measure the clearances between the rotor and any physical stops such as a sealing ring, without disassembly.

Tuning The rotor dynamics analysis performed during the early design stage will be used to determine the initial controller compensation, which will have a transfer function matched to the pump requirements. During initial testing, this transfer function will have to be adjusted to match the as-built dynamics of the rotor and support structure.

Normally the rotor will be accurately modeled and little change will be needed. If there are shrink fits or bolted joints, there may be some stiffness variation from the theoretical model. This may require on-site controller compensation adjustment. However, the stator is often a complex structure, and adjustments may be needed to avoid the excitation of stator modes.

End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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