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• AODPs are not practical for pumping rates above about 300 gpm (1150 / /m).

• AODPs are not manufactured for operating air pressures above 125 lb/in2 gauge (8.6 bar). However, some versions are available that increase the pressure ratio by 2:1 or 3:1.

• Ice formation in air motors can occur (basic to the physics of operation), but the effect can be minimized by proper application and design.

• Diaphragms have a finite life. Fluids with abrasives and higher process temperatures can limit a diaphragm's life, but many material choices are available, including Teflon®, and several thermoplastic elastomers.

An AODP's advantages are as follows:

• They are self-priming from a dry start.

• The pumps have an infinitely variable flow rate and pressure-within-pressure and capacity ranges.

• AODPs have no dynamic seals or packing.

• They can run dry indefinitely.

• The discharge can be throttled to zero flow indefinitely.

• No air is used when the AODP is deadheaded. Electrically driven pumps will consume a significant portion of the rated power when no demand flow exists.

• AODPs are suited for use in hazardous environments (no electric power required).

• Power is used in proportion to the pumping rate.

• They can be used in confined areas without heat buildup.

• AODPs can pump abrasive slurries and solids in suspension.

• The pumps can handle viscous liquids up to 50,000 SSU (11,000 cSt).

• A minimal degradation of the viscosity of shear-sensitive materials occurs.

• They can pump dry powders in air suspension.

• No close-fit, sliding, or rotating parts come in contact with liquid.

• No bypass is required as in other displacement pumps.

• When properly maintained, there is zero leakage.

• They are simple to maintain and to repair.

• There is no bedplate and no coupling to align.

• AODPs can be used in handling aggressive chemical solutions.

• They can handle a wider range of materials than any other type of pump.

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