rate of flow

FIGURE 12 Construction of system total-head curve to determine gravity flow and centrifugal pump flow

FIGURE 13 Construction of system total-head curves for a pumping system having variable static head into a common header, changes in the size, length, or number of pipes are all examples of either controllable or uncontrollable system changes. These changes in system conditions alter the shape of the system-head curve and, in turn, affect pump flow.

Methods of constructing system-head curves and determining the resultant pump flows for two of the more common of these variants are explained here.

Variable Static Head In a system where a pump is taking suction from one reservoir and filling another, the capacity of a centrifugal pump will decrease with an increase in static head. The system-head curve is constructed by plotting the variable system friction head versus flow for the piping. To this is added the anticipated minimum and maximum static heads (difference in discharge and suction levels). The resulting two curves are the total system heads for each condition. The flow rate of the pump is the point of intersection of the pump head-capacity curve with either one of the latter two system-head curves or with any intermediate system-head curve for other level conditions. A typical head versus flow curve for a varying static head system is shown in Figure 13.

If it is desired to maintain a constant pump flow for different static head conditions, the pump speed can be varied to adjust for an increase or decrease in the total system head. A typical variable-speed centrifugal pump operating in a varying static head system can have a constant flow, as shown in Figure 14.

FIGURE 13 Construction of system total-head curves for a pumping system having variable static head o rate of flow o o rate of flow

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