Capacity - m3/h (m3/h x 4.4 = gpm) FIGURE 1 General pump overview

Capacity - m3/h (m3/h x 4.4 = gpm) FIGURE 1 General pump overview such as a piston pump or a rotary screw or gear pump are able to self-prime within limits in the smaller capacity range. There are also special centrifugal pump designs that will self-prime in this situation.

Variable Head/Flow Requirement Centrifugal and axial flow pumps are able to operate in variable head/flow conditions. By reviewing the pump curve for a given pump, the head/flow range capability for these types of pumps can easily be determined. Refer to centrifugal pump operating curve, Figure 2. For a specific impeller size, a centrifugal pump will produce any flow rate within its head-flow rate characteristic curve which corresponds to the system head curve (see Figure 2), if sufficient NPSH is available. The system head characteristics can be changed to vary the flow by discharge throttling or by varying pump speed.

High Head Required (Above Single Stage Centrifugal Pump Ability) Depending on the required flow rate, either a centrifugal or a piston pump may fulfill the need for high differential head. If a relatively small flow is required, either an integrally geared highspeed centrifugal pump or a piston pump may be applied. When selecting between these two choices, other questions to ask might be

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