Straight-bevel gearing

Spiral-bevel gearing

Zerol-bevel gearing

Hypoid gearing

Speed range pitch line velocity, ft/min (m/min)

Same as spur gearing

Commercial, normal: up to 5,000 (1500); special precision; up to 15,000 (4500)

Up to 15,000 (4500) for ground gears

6,000 (1800) to 10,000 (3000), depending on offset

Gear efficiency, %

Same as spur gearing

96 to 98 (commercial)

94 to 98

85 to 98, depending on offset

Quietness of operation

Same as spur gearing

Noise level depends on quality of gear. Higher pitch line velocity—above 5,000 ft/min (1500 m/min) —requires higher precision gear.

Quieter than straight-bevel gears


Load imposed on bearings

Radial and thrust

Radial and thrust

Radial and thrust

Radial and thrust

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