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the vendor's (or purchaser's) expenses associated with the meeting? Is the equipment sufficiently complex to warrant a face to face meeting to ensure full understanding between the vendor and purchaser? Is timing so critical that this method needs to be used to accelerate the clarification process?

As with any vendor communications, it is important to precisely minute all discussions during the meeting. The vendor and purchaser must both agree on the content and action items that have been noted. Agreements with commercial impact should be confirmed in writing by the vendor. Action items should be assigned to a specific individual with an agreed-upon closure date for each item.

Commercial Evaluation During Technical Evaluation Prior to completion of the technical evaluation, certain commercial items can be reviewed and negotiated with the vendors being evaluated. Terms and conditions of payment, guarantee/warranty, and proposed delivery schedule can usually be discussed in parallel with the technical conditioning of the bids.

Technical Purchase Recommendation When all issues of bid requisition non-compliance have been satisfactorily addressed, the engineer must recommend which vendor or vendors may be considered for purchase of the required pump. Usually, part of this recommendation is the completed and signed technical bid tabulation. The final bid tabulation may show that all (or none) of the vendors are in complete compliance with all requisition requirements. The bid tab should clearly show where all noncompliance occurs. On the tabulation, a statement of technical compliance or non-compliance for each quote that has been reviewed must be provided. Notes that clarify any ambiguous line item on the tabulation are highly recommended so reviewers will have as few questions as possible on the bid tabulation content.

The bid tab should be attached to a recommendation memo or letter that states the recommendations and provides adequate justification. If a vendor is not in full compliance with the bid requisition, this should be noted, along with other reasons that support the recommendation. All revisions made since the original submission of the quotations that are necessary for purchase must be addressed. This might take the form of a scope of supply listing for each recommended vendor that clearly defines what must be purchased to meet the requisition requirements.

If a vendor is clearly favored over others for technical reasons, this must be clearly stated. Because the purchase order is usually given to the lowest cost technically acceptable bidder, this type of preference must be compelling.

For vendors that have been listed as technically acceptable, recommended for purchase, a list that addresses vendor's exceptions to requisition requirements should be attached. These exceptions should be justified in the technical purchase recommendation.

Commercial Purchase Recommendation After the technical recommendation for purchase is complete, the commercial purchase recommendation may be completed. In addition to including the technical bid analysis, this recommendation should cover the following items (if applicable):

1. Listing of original vendor bid scope of supply and the associated cost(s)

2. Listing of revisions to the vendor's original quotes needed for requisition compliance with the associated cost(s)

3. Required spare parts cost

4. Shipping costs

5. Miscellaneous costs associated with documentation, inspection, and so on

6. Utility consumption cost evaluation

7. Agreed delivery schedule

8. Exceptions taken to commercial terms and conditions

9. Economic adjustments for different terms of payment

At this point, the purchase recommendation can be made, usually based on the lowest cost technically acceptable bidder.

Final Purchase Decision and Purchase Order Issue Now that the commercial purchase recommendation is complete, it is forwarded to the parties responsible for making the purchasing decision. After the selection is made, the engineer must decide if additional discussions with the vendor are needed prior to issue of the purchase order. For complex, costly equipment, and large orders, this extra discussion often takes place in a pre-award meeting.

During this meeting, the final agreed-upon equipment, technical, and commercial requirements are confirmed. A final review of the vendors technical exceptions to the requisition can also be completed at this point. As with previous meetings, recording all discussions and agreements is very important. Both parties should read and sign the meeting notes.

After final discussions are complete, the last step in purchasing the pump is the issue of the purchase order.

Because the paper trail for the purchasing cycle can be very complex, it is strongly suggested that the purchase order be a stand-alone document. It may or may not be sufficient to only reference previously transmitted narrative specifications. Many options are likely to have been discussed and agreed to during the process. All these agreements, even if properly documented during the process, should be incorporated into the purchase order. This includes revising data sheets as necessary and also incorporating agreed vendor exceptions to the inquiry. Don't make determining the requirements a treasure hunt for anyone involved later in the execution of the order.

Often it takes several days (or weeks) to incorporate all agreements to the various documents that are contained in the requisition. In order to permit the vendor to proceed in advance of the formal purchase order issue, a letter can be written by the purchaser that confirms the order and requests the vendor to begin work immediately.

Summation of Pump Purchase Cycle API-610 was used as the base document to specify the pump included for the hypothetical purchase in this chapter. It is considered a complex pumping service. Because of this, a large amount of documentation is necessary to describe the purchase requirements.

The other end of the spectrum might be the purchase of a standard drum pump directly from a supplier's catalog. In this case, a single page purchase order listing the model number and any available options would be adequate to ensure the correct selection for this simple service.

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