┬░In oil field terminology, a stroke is defined as the complete up and down cycle of the plunger. Distance traveled in one direction is stroke length.

L = length of polished rod stroke, in (m) spm = strokes per minute Wr = dry weight (force) of rods, lb (N)

peak polished rod load The peak polished rod load P is

This peak polished rod load is used in final sizing of the surface pumping unit. If a single size of rod is used, P divided by the cross-sectional area of the rod gives the maximum rod stress. In a tapered string of reds, P divided by the cross-sectional area of the top rod will also approximate the maximum rod stress unless the rod string design is such that the rod under maximum stress is not at the top but lower in the string.

minimum polished rod load In addition to the peak polished rod load, a minimum polished rod load is also needed to determine the peak torque on the gearbox of the surface pumping unit. The minimum polished rod load Pm is

load range Load range Pr is

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