The eddy-current coupling, like many other adjustable-speed drives, operates on the slip principle and is classified as a torque transmitter. This means that the input and output torques are essentially equal, disregarding frictional and windage losses. The motor input power is equal to the sum of load power and what is known as slip loss. This slip loss is the product of slip speed, which is the difference between motor and load speed, and the transmitted torque.

The various relationships may be expressed as follows:

In USCS units In SI units In USCS units In SI units

Motor hp Motor kW : Load hp Load kW

In USCS units Slip loss (hp) In SI units Slip loss (kW)

rpm1 X T

5250 rpm1 X T

9545 rpm2 X T

5250 rpm2 X T 9545

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