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The use of composite materials is playing an increasing role in the manufacture of industrial pumps due to the cost savings they offer in manufacturing, installation, and operation. Composite parts can be molded to near "net shape." This eliminates the cost of secondary machining to attain the final part. Because one composite material can replace two or three different grades of metal part, the combining of several parts into one assembly is possible. This parts integration reduces assembly time, reduces inventory, and ultimately reduces manufacturing costs.

Because composite pumps weigh less than metal pumps, they are easier to handle during installation and maintenance. Further, because composites naturally dampen vibration, a composite pump operates more quietly than a comparable metallic pump.

The corrosion resistance of composites is superior to metals. For this reason, a composite pump's life can be significantly greater than a metallic pump. When the amortization costs of both composite and metallic pumps are calculated, the composite pump has the cost advantage.

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