Example MAGNETIC DRIVE PUMPS Dimensions shown as in (mm)

Mean diameter (on radius dimensions)

4.6 (117)

6.0 (152.4)

Air gap minimum

.030 (0.762)

.045 (1.143)

Containment shell thickness: Hastelloy C

.040 (1.016)

.060 (1.524)


.120 (3.048)

.150 (3.810)

Liquid gap

.035 (0.889)

.035 (0.889)


.030 (0.762)

.030 (0.762)

Overall gap (basis Hastelloy C)

.135 (3.429)

.170 (4.318)

Overall gap (basis polymer)

.215 (5.461)

.260 (6.604)

In the previous example, the same overall gap was maintained for polymer and Hastelloy C shells. This allows for interchangeability of the magnetic assemblies independent of shell material.

Transmittal Torque The torque transmitted by the magnets depends on the following:

• Flux density of the magnets, Bg

• Operating temperature of the magnets (which will change Bg)

• Mean ratios between the ID of the outer assembly magnets and OD of the inner assembly magnets, r

• Overall gap between the ID and OD of the magnets in the assembly, g

• A constant, K, which changes as a function of the specific design

Torque is determined from the following relationship, with appropriate units:

For a given design type and configuration, the torque varies inversely as the square of the overall gap. Depending on costs and specific design construction, an assembly ring of magnets can have either one continuous length of magnets of a series of 1, 2, 3 or more rows of individual magnets.

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