Directacting Steam Pumps

Direct-acting steam pumps are mainly classified by the number of working combinations of cylinders. For example, a duplex pump (Figure 5) has two steam and two liquid cylinders mounted side by side, and a simplex pump (Figure 6) has one steam and one liquid cylinder.

Additionally, simplex and duplex pumps may be further defined by (1) cylinder arrangement, whether horizontal or vertical; (2) number of steam expansions in the power end; (3) liquid end arrangement, whether piston or plunger; and (4) valve arrangement, that is, cap and valve plate, side pot, turret type, and so on.

Although this section will refer to steam as the driving medium, compressed gases such as air or natural gas can be used to drive a steam pump. These gases should have oil or mist added to them prior to entering the pump to prevent wear of the steam end parts.

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