Diagnostic Systems

Diagnostic monitoring of vibration, pressure pulsations, speed, flow rate, temperatures, and pressures may be applied to these pumps as well as other large machines. Such monitoring is relevant to slurry pumps because of the necessity to replace worn parts more frequently than is the case with clear-liquid pumps. Designers and users of displacement pumps for handling solids should consider using available monitoring equipment as an aid to maintenance and as a means to ensure the safety of personnel by warning of imminent failure. Vibration signatures are readily obtained from sensors placed in critical locations on the pump, and this information can be valuable in assessing the operating integrity of the pump. To this should be added valve wear detection, as would be indicated by a difference between the expected flow rate at the speed involved and the actual flow rate. In addition, proximity probes and vibration sensors could be used to monitor wear of plungers, piston rods, bearings, and crossheads.

FIGURE 9 Diaphragm pump isolates slurry from packing (Geho)
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