Chaplis William K Bs Me Mba Section 31 Power Pump Theory

Section 3.2 Power Pump Design and Construction Product Engineering Manager, Flowserve Corporation, Phillipsburg, NJ

Clopton, D. E., B.S. (C.E.), P.E. Section 9.1 Water Supply Assistant Project Manager, Water Quality Division, URS/Forrest and Cotton, Inc., Consulting Engineers, Dallas, TX

Cooper, Paul, B.S. (M.E.). M.S. (M.E.), Ph.D. (Engrg.), P.E. Chapter 1 Introduction: Classification and Selection of Pumps; Section 2.1 Centrifugal Pump Theory; Section 2.2.6 Centrifugal Pump Magnetic Bearings; Section 2.3.1 Centrifugal Pumps: General Performance Characteristics; Section 9.19.2 Liquid Rocket Propellant Pumps

Retired Director, Advanced Technology, Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps, now Flowserve Corporation, Phillipsburg, NJ

Costigan, James L., B.S. (Chem.) Section 9.9 Food and Beverage Pumping Sales Manager, Tri-Clover Division, Ladish Company, Kenosha, WI

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