Causes For A Short Packing Life

In order for packing to operate properly, the equipment must be in good condition. Shafts should be checked for runout and eccentricity to be sure they are within the manufacturer's recommended tolerances. Surfaces in contact with the packing should be finished to the correct smoothness and tolerance. Table 7 lists common troubles that affect the packing life. Causes and possible cures are also given.

TABLE 7 Packing troubles, causes, and cures




No liquid delivered by pump

Lack of prime (packing loose or defective, to allowing air leak into suction)

Tighten or replace packing and prime pump.

Not enough liquid delivered by pump

Air leaking into stuffing box

Check for leakage through stuffing box while operating. If no leakage occurs after after reasonable gland adjustment, new packing may be needed.

Lantern ring may be clogged or displaced and may need centering in line with

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