Birk John R Bs Me Pe Section 96 Chemical Industry

Consultant, Senior Vice President (retired), The Duriron Company, Inc., Dayton, OH

Brennan, James R., B.S. (M.I.E.) Section 3.7 Screw Pumps;Section 9.17 Oil Wells Manager of Engineering, Imo Pump, a member of the Colfax Pump Group, Monroe, NC

Buse, Frederic W., B.S. (Marine Engrg.) Section Sealless Pumps: Magnetic Drive Pumps;Section 3.1 Power Pump Theory;Section 3.2 Power Pump Design and Construction; Section 5.2 Materials of Construction for Nonmetallic (Composite) Pumps; Section 9.6 Chemical Industry Retired Senior Engineering Consultant, Flowserve Corporation, Phillipsburg, NJ

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Survival Treasure

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