C X K - cylinder bore, in (cm) : piston stroke, in (cm) engine speed, revs/minute number of cylinders

2,200 for Videal in CFM or 76.39 X 106 for Videal in m3/s 1 for two-stroke cycle and 2 for four-stroke cycle

Volumetric efficiency, defined as the ratio of actual air flow to ideal air flow, will vary with engine design, but an average of 80% may be used to determine the air cleaner size. Two-stroke cycle engines will require approximately 140% air flow calculated by the above equation. For supercharged and turbocharged engines, the air flow requirements should be obtained from the manufacturer.

The two basic cleaners available are wet and dry. The wet, or oil-bath, cleaner consists of either an oil wire mesh or an oil bath through which the air must pass. A dry cleaner uses a paper or cloth filter that traps dust, lint, and so on but allows the air to pass through.

The installation of a suitable air cleaner is important. In cases where adequate air can be supplied through proper ventilation of the area surrounding the engine, it is best to mount the cleaner on the engine. If it is necessary to bring air to the engine from outside the area of the building, certain design factors must be considered. The pipe connections from an outside cleaner should be tight and mechanically strong, and fabric hose should not be used unless the length is relatively short. The air to the engine should not be heated by close proximity to the engine or any other heating device because, as previously mentioned, power loss occurs with air temperatures above 60°F (15.6°C). To avoid restrictions in the system, there should be no sharp bends in the piping. Finally, any outside air cleaner must be designed so moisture such as rain or snow cannot enter the system.

The air cleaner system on a turbocharged engine must be able to remove any impurities in the air that would be detrimental to the efficiency of the turbocharger. Because of the increased air requirements, a larger air-cleaner system must be used on such units.

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