Slip couplings are applied to centrifugal pumps for water and waste-water pumping in municipal installations, for boiler-feed pumping, for circulating water and condensate pumping in power plants, for fan and stock pumping in paper mills, and for reciprocating pumping in a multitude of applications and industries.

In the water and waste-water fields, slip couplings are used extensively for raw- and finished-water pumping, lift-station pumping, raw-sewage pumping, and effluent and sludge pumping. Almost any pumping problem, where cyclic constant-speed pumping or throttling or other means of flow control are alternate considerations, can be conveniently solved with the use of an eddy-current slip coupling as the adjustable-speed flow controlling device.

Potable water treatment and distribution facilities are continually confronted with substantial fluctuations in demand through daily, weekly, and even seasonal periods. Distribution systems that depend on direct pumping usually must utilize total or partial adjustable speed operation for high-service and booster requirements. The quick response of eddy-current slip couplings makes them extremely well suited for this duty.

Waste-water collection systems, where inflow conditions to lift stations and treatment plants vary widely throughout the day, can realize many advantages when designs are based on adjustable speed with eddy-current slip couplings.

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