Application Guidelines

The following is a listing of the more common items to consider when specifying a mechanical adjustable-speed belt drive for a specific application:

1. Manufacturer's size designation of the drive

2. Range of speed variation and actual output speeds

FIGURE 7 Mechanical adjustable-speed drive with pneumatic actuator for automatic speed changing (Reliance Electric)

3. Motor specifications: power rating, electric current (single or polyphase, frequency, and voltage), type of enclosure, and other special electric or mechanical modifications

4. Special drive output shaft extension

5. Type of control: handwheel, electric remote, mechanical automatic, pneumatic, and so on

6. Manufacturer's assembly configuration designation and type of mounting, whether standard floor type, trunnion, ceiling, sidewall, or flange

7. Accessory equipment, such as tachometer, magnetic brake

8. Power rating based on constant torque and maximum output speed

9. Type of case enclosure

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