9Air chamber pulsation dampener

FIGURE 19 Duplex direct-acting reciprocating pump (Flowserve Corporation)

As an alternative to washing cargo tanks with seawater, crude carriers frequently clean tanks with crude oil, referred to as crude-oil washing (COW). A general-service pump is often used on a crude carrier to deliver pressurized crude oil to the vessel's tank-washing machines. The pump may receive this oil from a holding or slop tank on the vessel. The general service pump may also be used to deliver cargo to an eductor that strips cargo tanks during the final stages of unloading or during crude-oil washing. This cargo, which serves as the motive fluid in the eductor, mixes with the fluid being removed from the cargo tank and is then usually discharged by the eductor into one of the vessel's slop tanks. On a typical crude carrier, the general-service pump is similar in configuration to the vessel's main cargo pumps but is smaller.

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