power being fed to it in the form of flow and pressure energy. By this fact, the pump will automatically vary its speed to take into account varying well conditions. Typical pump speeds are in the region of 8500 rpm for smaller unit to 4000 rpm for larger units. Designs are available from 3000 barrels/day to 75,000 barrels/day (480 m3/day to 12,000 m3/day), depending on the pumpset configuration. Typical characteristics of hydraulic submersible centrifugal pumps are listed in Table 7.

The hydraulic submersible pump uses clean turbine power fluid to continually flush the pump end bearings while in operation. Hydrostatic bearings are used and the absence of any rolling element bearings or mechanical seals provides a simple, robust construction. The high power density of the hydraulic turbine and the relatively high speed of the pump makes for a compact unit typically less than 20 ft (6 m) long.

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