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FIGURE 42 Resistance coefficients for bends of uniform diameter and smooth surface at Reynolds number l 2.25 X 105 (Hydraulic Institute Engineering Data Book, Reference 5).

pump suction elbows Figures 43 and 44 illustrate two typical rectangular to round reducing suction elbows. Elbows of this configuration are sometimes used under dry-pit vertical volute pumps. These elbows are formed in concrete and are designed to require a minimum height, thus permitting a higher pump setting with reduced excavation. Figure 43 shows a long-radius elbow, and Figure 44 a short-radius elbow. The resulting velocity distribution into the impeller eye and the loss of head are shown for these two designs.

meters Orifice, nozzle, and venturi meters (Figures 45-47) are used to measure rate of flow. These meters, however, introduce additional loss of head into the pumping system. Each of these meters is designed to create a pressure differential through the primary element. The magnitude of the pressure differential depends on the velocity and density of the liquid and the design of the element. The primary element restricts the area of flow, increases the velocity, and decreases the pressure. An expanding section following the pri-

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