Particle size (mm)

FIGURE 12 Effects of particle size (d50 mm) and impeller diameter (D in) on Hr and RH. For solids concentration by volume, C = 15% with solids density ratio, Ss = 2.65 and a negligible amount of fine particles (Xb = 0). Solid lines represent smaller newer design pumps while dashed lines represent conventional heavy duty pumps. Adapted from GIW Industries Inc., U.S.A. [Note: for particle size in inches, multiply by 0.039; for impeller diameters in mm, multiply inches by 25.4.]

Corrections for various values of Cv, Ss, and Xh will now be given together with estimations of the reduction in efficiency, Rh. Based on experimental results discussed in Wilson et al. (1997), the RH values obtained from Figure 12 may be multiplied by the following factors when the solids density ratio and the fine particle content are different from 2.65 and zero, respectively.

solids density ratio, Ss:

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