^ 0.26vRLC 0.6616

qs = (0.6616 )(0.74) = 0.490 gpm (1.85 l/min) A summary of the total bearing performance is as follows: Load v = 6000 lb (2721 kg)

Minimum film thickness hM = 0.00123 in (0.031 mm) Viscous power loss p = 3.579 (2.669 kW) Inlet flow q, = 1.211 gpm (4.58 l/min) Side leakage qs = 0.490 gpm (1.85 l/mm) Fluid temperature rise At = 35.38°F (19.65°C)

We can repeat the same calculation for the other types of bearings, using Figures 14 through 17. The results are shown in Table 2.

The two-groove cylindrical bearing operates with the highest film thickness. The symmetric three-lobe has the lowest film thickness and highest temperature rise. It appears that, on the basis of steady-state performance, manufacture, and cost, the two-groove cylindrical bearing is the best choice.

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