Source: Reference 9.

Source: Reference 9.

resulting in Reynolds numbers from 350 to 275,000. To simply calculations, screen geometry constants C1 = (surface area to unit volume ratio)2 X (pore diameter) and C2 = (screen thickness) (void fraction)2 X (pore diameter) have been added to the reference authors' equations to obtain the following expression for screen head loss h in feet (meters):

where V1 = average velocity in the conduit approaching the screen, ft/s (m/s)

Table 8 lists C1 and C2 values for a sample of plain square screens tested by Armour and Cannon.

perforated plates and bar racks For flow having Reynolds numbers equal to or greater than 105, the resistance coefficients for flow through thick, square-edge perforated plates with round (Figure 51b) or rectangular (Figure 51c) openings and racks with rectangular cross-section bars (length = 5 times thickness; Figure 51g) may be calculated using Eq. 24, Table 9, and the following equations:

In USCS units

In SI units v a

Dh = 0.004 - or Dh for plates with round holes for plates with single hole in center

100 a-SSTb

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