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For example, with Ss = 4.4 and Xh = 0.08 (8%), the factors become 1.6 and 0.85, respectively. The pump previously mentioned with an impeller diameter of 36 in (0.91 m) had RH of 14%. This value is now corrected to give

Rh can normally be related linearly to Cv, for cases with Cv less than 15-20%. Thus with Cv = 6% in the previous example, RH will be 19 (6/15) = 8% because the reference value for Cv in Figure 12 is 15%.

For the larger pumps in Figure 12, the reduction in efficiency, Rh, is normally less than Rh. For the smaller pumps, with D < 16 in (0.4 m), Rh usually equals RH; however, it may be sensitive to solids properties. Independent of the pump type in Figure 12, Rhmay exceed Rhif Cv exceeds about 20%, indicated on Figure 13.

In opposition to these tendencies, there have also been investigations where the reduction in efficiency remains small at very high concentrations, specifically with broad particle-size distributions.

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