4000 x 100 = 4600 rpm

The speed-sensitive portion of the speed governor system is usually a set of spring-loaded rotating weights. Movement of the weights caused by a change in turbine speed positions the governor valve through a suitable linkage.

The speed-sensitive element can also be other devices that are speed-responsive, such as a positive displacement oil pump, electric generator, or a magnetic impulse signal generator.

The rotating-weight governor system is a direct-acting type and is classified as a NEMA A governor. Direct-acting designates a governor system in which the speedsensitive element also provides the power for positioning the governor valve.

The NEMA B, C, and D governor systems have speed-sensitive elements that position the governor valve through a relay or servomotor system instead of actuating the valve directly. The speed-sensitive element can therefore be more precise and sensitive, as required for the improved governor system performance.

Electronic governors with pneumatic/hydraulic actuators are also available that offer more control, flexibility, and speed adjustment as well as other operating modes.

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