where Hb — hsa — Hvpa (absolute atmospheric pressure minus absolute vapor pressure) Hs — distance from datum to suction level which should be the same in the test. with the water temperature approximately the same,

in USCS units Hs1 = Hb - sH = 32.8 - (0.057)(320) = 14.6 ft in SI units Hs1 = 10 - (0.057)(97.5) = 4.4 m

Hence the model should be tested with a positive suction head of 14.6 ft (4.4 m) to reproduce the field conditions.

Normally one of the requirements when using model tests as acceptance tests is to make sure true geometric similarity exists between model and installed prototype. True values of all required and specified dimension should be determined. The actual parts, areas, shape, clearances, and positions should be clearly understood by all parties. Also, the amount of permissible geometric deviation between prototype and model should be agreed to, in writing, before the test is begun.

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