FIGURE 7 Behavior of masonry-sand slurry (d50 = 0-42 mm) in pipes of two sizes (after Clift et al., 1983). [m ; 3.28 = ft; m/s X 3.28 = ft/s]

In addition to the slope parameter (denoted by M) a power law requires a central-value parameter, denoted here by V60. Conceptually, this represents the value of Vm at which half the mass of solids is supported by granular contact and half by fluid suspension. From a practical standpoint it is necessary to match this point with a specific value of (im — if)/(Sm — Sf). The mechanics of the situation were discussed by Wilson et al. (1997) who proposed a value of 0.22 and showed that this is suppoted by experimental data. The resulting equation is

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