b) Unit load capability, Fz / [w(D02-Di2)], lb/in2 (MPa)

50 (0.34)*

70 (0.48)

*Higher with special lamination material

*Higher with special lamination material low unit loads of magnetic bearings result in more space being needed for them in comparison to conventional bearings.

Theory of One-Dimensional Sizing To perform more accurate, in-depth sizing, the theory of both heteropolar and homopolar magnetic bearings is applied. Magnetic bearing sizing and geometry programs normally use simple one-dimensional magnetic circuit theory to obtain initial sizing and perform design iterations. This initial sizing is then followed up with design analysis using 2D or 3D magnetic FEA analysis to verify the design. The basis of the classic one-dimensional sizing for a magnetic bearing is discussed next, first for the heteropolar bearing and then for the homopolar bearing.

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