How to gauge a horizontal cylindrical tank

Express the depth in % of the diameter; then the result will be given in % of total capacity of the tank.

Rule 1. For depth up to 30; multiply the square root of the depth by the depth, and then by 0.155.

Example. Liquid depth is 16% of tank diameter 16 x 16 x 0.155 = 4 x 16 x 0.155 = 9.9% The correct answer is 10.3%; error is about .4%.

Rule 2. For depth between 30 and 50; subtract 10 from the depth, multiply by 1.25.

Example. Liquid depth is 44% of tank diameter

The correct answer is 42.4%.

The maximum error, for depths less than 5% may be as great as 10%; gauging in this range is always difficult, and a very small slope can introduce a much larger error than this. When the depth is greater than 50%, apply the same rule to get the volume of the empty space above the fluid, and subtract.

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