Vendor Data

All along, suggestions have been made for the proposal. This is the place in the specification to summarize the data, curves, and drawings expected with the proposal. At inquiry time, it is also time to anticipate what documents will be needed from the selected vendor. This helps the bidder to properly plan the amount of documentation and to evaluate it against his standard. Don't expect a large extra amount of paperwork to be free or that the vendor will comply where it's not stated. Spell out all documents logically so that proper evaluation of the purchased equipment is possible and all the data needed to complete the site engineering are provided. The final document list should be covered again to be sure it is clear and reasonable. Probably the most important document to single out is the vendor's portion of the data sheet, which should be filled in and returned with the proposal and then later completed for an as-built, or at least, as engineered record of the compressor. This one document is very handy when questions about the compressor are raised years after shipment.

Guarantee and Warranty

Current policy in API is to avoid commercial language in the API standard. API standards do not include a guarantee and warranty section. In the revisions, as they occur, other paragraphs deemed commercial are disallowed. This puts the burden of guarantee and warranty verbage on the user. A practical solution, if the user is not familiar with industry practices, is to solicit from the vendor a proposed guarantee that should be a zero tolerance on head and capacity. This would only be good prac tice. Then the negotiation can take place on the input power guarantee. As a design acceptance value, U.S. industry has used plus or minus 4%. However, the vendor should so state in his proposal, and this can then be negotiated or accepted, and made part of the contract. The warranty period can be treated the same way. Large users have negotiated this item through their own terms and conditions for some time and have rarely relied on API.

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