Sizing and Application

The matching of the gas turbine to the driven compressor in both speed and horsepower is somewhat of a guessing game. While the use of helper steam turbines permits the use of 110% of compressor maximum power criterion, the speed is not as easy to match. This makes a gear necessary in most of the single-shaft applications. The gear option may also be required for some of the "land-based" design two-shaft gas turbines. For the aircraft derivative gas turbine, speed may sometimes match the centrifugal speed, only because the output turbine may be a more custom design. A singleshaft turbine should have approximately a 15% speed turndown, which is normally used as a minimum of 90% and maximum of 105%.

Gas turbine frame sizes are limited, and custom sizing is not done as it is with steam turbines; therefore, the increment matching can only be done with a helper turbine. There is some benefit besides the power matching when used with a single-shaft turbine. The steam turbine can be used as the starter. For two-shaft turbines, a dedicated starter is needed on the gasifier turbine compressor package.

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