Mounting Plates

Either soleplates or baseplates should be furnished for most of the compressor types. Reciprocating compressors are sometimes directly mounted to the foundation and the frame grouted. Most other compressors are mounted on an intermediate surface in the form of soleplates or a structural steel base. The user must make a number of decisions, beginning with the basic decision of sole or baseplate. This decision must be revealed to the vendor in the specification. If a baseplate is chosen, the extent of the baseplate must be established, such as a full length base to be used for all equipment on the train. If soleplates, who is to furnish the soleplates? It may be each individual vendor, the compressor vendor, or the user. Original setting conveniences may be further specified by calling for adjustment screws or subsoleplates and shims to help level either the soleplate or baseplate. It is recommended that the soleplates be machined on both sides to facilitate original set up. The soleplate can be pre-coated with an epoxy primer on those surfaces to be covered with grout if an epoxy grout is to be used. These decisions are left to user or user and contractor, as opinions differ widely. For centrifugal, axial, and large screw machines of the dry type, soleplates are recommended over baseplates. This statement is the author's preference, recognizing there is a wide variation of opinions.

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