Mechanical Construction

Straight-lobe compressor casings, also called housings or cylinders by different manufacturers, are furnished in cast iron by all vendors. There is an optional aluminum construction available for special applications. Inlet and outlet are suitable for a 125 pound standard ANSI flanged connection.

Rotors are cast from ductile iron. Again, the exception is the aluminum construction. Shafts are steel and are cast into the rotors or are pinned to the rotor in a stub shaft construction arrangement. An alternate design has the rotors drilled for through shafts. Rotors are supported by a set of rolling element bearings on the outboard end of each rotor. The timing gears are forged steel on the more competitively priced models and are low alloy steel on the more rugged models. Also on the competitive models, the gears are straight spur, while helical gear teeth are furnished on the heavy duty models.

The most common seals are the lip type and the labyrinth type. Mechanical seals are available where seal leakage must be controlled.

Lubrication is splash type and grease is used on the more competitive models. There are variations available with internal pressure lubrication systems. Some models can be equipped with an external lube system, and for rare cases, API 614 lubrication systems have been proposed.

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