After the estimates are made, process design has taken shape, and the funds to build the plant are authorized, it's time to buy the equipment. To the uninitiated, the task can appear quite formidable. Even to the veteran, the chore is great with a multitude of details to remember. Note, the title of the chapter is not how to, because that is left to each engineer and his client or company to decide. What will be presented here can be more nearly described as a checklist and outline to help the purchaser recall all the details and avoid as many surprises as possible.

Procurement Steps

This chapter will present a list of steps that represent the general industry practice in the procurement of a major piece of equipment such as a large compressor. This list would be modified by a specific user as required for a given job, but most of the steps are recommended for purchasing a large compressor, regardless of the type. As the size of the machine decreases, some of the steps can probably be dropped. The order of the list is in the sequence in which the events take place. After presenting the list, a general description of what each step entails will be given.

The steps in the procedure include:

1. Preliminary sizing

2. Inquiry specification

3. Bid/quotation

4. Bid evaluation

5. Pre-award meeting

6. Purchase specification

7. Award contract

8. Coordination meeting

9. Engineering reviews

10. Inspections

11. Witness tests

12. Shipment

13. Site arrival

14. Installation and startup

15. Successful operation

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