Either cast from cast iron or carbon steel or fabricated from carbon steel, the housing (gear box) must be rigid to prevent deflection under loads. The housing must be thoroughly stress-relieved to maintain accuracy. The housing should be horizontally split at the shaft centerlines. The horizontal joint should be finished to prevent oil leaks with a metal-to-metal fit. Ample side clearance between housing and rotors will prevent oil pumping and will permit free fall of oil to the sump. Sump depth, adequate windage baffles, and generously sized return lines prevent oil level buildup or foaming in the housing. Uneven impingement of hot oil on the housing causes differential thermal growth of the unit and must be avoided.

All piping and instrument connections should be made on the lower half of the housing to aid in removal of the top half. Other connections, if they must be made in the top half, should have easily accessible joints.

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