Helical Lobe Compressor Test

Mechanical testing of the non-lubricated helical-lobe compressors is modified from the previously described test. For example, API 619 only requires a two-hour mechanical run. The procedures and monitoring requirements are generally the same as previously described. A run comparable to the overspeed run is the heat run. The compressor is run on air at the maximum allowable speed, and the discharge temperature is allowed to stabilize at a value 20°F higher than the rated discharge temperature. The compressor is then run for 30 minutes.

After the heat run, the compressor continues to run on air and the highest pressure practical is imposed, while the speed is set to the normal operating speed. The capacity and power should be noted as well as bearing temperature and the other instrumentation used during the test. If oil buffered seals are used and the test run is expected to exceed 250°F, the test procedure may have to be modified to avoid the possibility of an explosion hazard.

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