The general section covers a broad group of items. These items may apply to any of the specific areas to be included in the following sections. This section normally starts with a description of the equipment being inquired, or later purchased, such as a reciprocating, centrifugal, or screw compressor. This is followed by a brief description of the scope of supply. If item numbers are used, the item numbers that will designate the equipment should be included. Injection should be specified at this point if needed. Code requirements, such as area classification and statements concerning reliability should be included. Even rules on how the specification should be answered, such as the addressing of each paragraph in the proposal, can be mentioned early, rather than waiting until the end where specific proposal items are stated.

Other items related to the site conditions that should be communicated are temperature range, if outdoor and type of protection, if outdoor (Is there a roof? Are there sides? Is the entire installation completely open?). The requirement for heat tracing and other details of this nature that the vendor is to include in his scope of supply should be specified. Whether the machine is at grade or is elevated must also be specified.

For many of the details, the use of a data sheet is helpful. The API standards tor compressors have data sheets that help act as a checklist. It is suggested that the major items, those just mentioned, be included in the verbage in the body of the specification as well as on the data sheet. The data sheet collects details of the items, especially those that are more clearly conveyed in tabular form.

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